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Russia condemns America’s attack on Syrian and allied forces

Russia condemns America’s attack on Syrian and allied forces
19.05.2017 - 15:13

Russia has responded to yesterday’s illegal US coalition airstrike by condemning it in the harshest terms.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov issued the following statement, “Any military actions leading to the aggravation of the situation in Syria definitely affect the political process. Especially if such actions are committed against the Syrian armed forces… This is totally unacceptable; it is a violation of Syrian sovereignty. Of course, it does not help the political process”.

Russian Federation Council member Konstantin Kosachev had an even harsher response, “You cannot consider the US-led coalition airstrike against pro-government forces on Thursday an accident or a mistake anymore. This is a deliberate action and its consequences are yet to be estimated. This is not only an attack in Syria and against Syria, but also against Geneva [negotiations]. The US is irritated that the Geneva process is not under its control and, what is worse, it can be successful”.

Russia while not seeking to exceed its anti-terrorism mandate in Syria, is clearly displeased at America’s criminal action which could disrupt the fragile peace process in the country.

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